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My name is Amy Greer and I am the owner of Aura Design Unlimited. At Aura Design we create innovative designs for advertising and marketing agencies. We provide excellent knowledge of graphics and design fundamentals for your business.

I came up with the name Aura Design in 1998. At that time, it was the only agency in the United States with this name. "aura" represents colors and how they relate to moods similar to designing creative layouts and how they relate to clients' needs and wants.Unlimited was added in 2002 because design is always changing. 


Aura Design Unlimited will offer you expert knowledge and experience of graphic standards, proofreading and proficiency. From designing websites, email blasts, online social media banners, all kinds of print materials (brochures, flyers, posters, cards, magazines, typography, & more), newsprint, signage, outdoor signage, apps, t-shirts, locomotive graphics, electronic and place-based media, photography, writing copyright and basic programming. We offer superb graphic design skills and a high level of attention to detail with creative and artistic ability. 

& Awards

* Houston Chronicle Association

* American Advertising Federation 

* Dallas Society of Visual



- NC Women’s Tennis Association
- Jack Rabbit Women’s Tennis Association
- NW Women’s Tennis Association

* Adobe Creative Suite

* Microsoft Office Suite
* Analytics
* Email Blasts
* Search Engine and Submission 

* HTML 5.0, Java Script and ASP

* Some 3D Max and AutoCAD

* Video Editing

* Automotive
* Healthcare

* Real Estate

* Engineering/Gas Stations 

* Wine/Food & Beverage

* Law Firms

* Banks
* Electric Cos

* Pool & Cleaning

* Summer Camps
* Builders 

* Orchestra

* Artwalks

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